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Spring 2022 » HB70 Public Safety Disability Benefits Amendments; School Employees’ Eligibility

Fall 2021 » New Member Financial Wellness Program; AUREUS Testing; URS Personnel Changes

Summer 2021 » Next Steps for AUREUS and How You Can Help; The Advantages of Paying With ACH; Member Education in 2021

Winter 2021 » Year-End Reminders; Target Date Fund Allocation Changes; Tier 2 Public Safety & Fire Member-Paid Contributions

Fall 2020 » Employer and Member Education; Understanding Contribution Rates; Changing Payroll Software?

Spring 2020 » Temporary Suspension of Postretirement Restrictions; Tier 2 Public Safety & Firefighter Employer Pick-Ups

Winter 2020 » How URS Benefits Utah; Tier 2 Public Safety & Firefighter "Pick-ups"; Pension and Savings Plans Updates 

Summer 2019 » Retirement Basics Plus Training; Savings Plans Automatic Enrollment; Hiring a Post-Retired Employee

Spring 2019 » New Board Resolutions; Training Reminder; URS Economic Impact

Winter 2019 » 2019 Training and Events; New URS Business System (AUREUS)

Fall 2018 » Online Tools at myURS; Managing User Rights

Spring 2018 » Training Opportunities; 2018 Legislative Report

Winter 2017 » Time to Wrap Up Your Year-End Contribution Reporting

Summer 2017 » What You Need to Do When New Pension Contribution Rates Go Into Effect

Spring 2017 » What You Need to Know About Statewide Employer Trainings

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URS is changing the way we do business by developing an innovative record keeping system. Learn some of the ways AUREUS will make your life easier.

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