Video: Tier 2 Contribution Rates Employer Webinar

This webinar on March 28 discussed the required member contributions in the Tier 2 Public Employees Hybrid Plan and the "pick-up" option in the Tier 2 Public Safety and Firefighter Hybrid Plan.

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Learn About AUREUS Employment Files

We're preparing to launch AUREUS, our innovative record-keeping system, in about a year. Employers must have their programmers begin coding for the new AUREUS employment files. 

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Inside Story: Spring 2024

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Help Your Employees Save for a Secure Retirement

Opt for automatic enrollment in URS Savings Plans to increase employee participation. Studies show about 40 percent of employees don't participate in their employer’s retirement savings plans. However, automatic enrollment increases participation to about 88%*.

With automatic enrollment, new employees automatically participate in URS Savings Plans at a percentage the employer sets. The employee can proactively opt-out at any time.

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URS Employer Line:
801-366-7318 or 800-753-7318

An Innovative Solution

URS is changing the way we do business by developing an innovative record keeping system. Learn some of the ways AUREUS will make your life easier.

2024 Employer Event

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