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Join our monthly webinars on the third Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m. (We do not host webinars in February, May, and August, the months we provide in-person training.)

Spotlight: AUREUS

AUREUS Introduction (1:19:39)

AUREUS Structure and Maintaining Addresses and Contacts (21:47)

AUREUS Organization Management, Search, and Security (28:45)

AUREUS Website Navigation: Finding a Record (15:43)

AUREUS Employment Status Updates (Employment Wizard) (16:54)

AUREUS Employment Status Updates (Focused on Employment File) (25:07)

AUREUS Recurring Reports (Deferral Changes/Installments and Tier 2 Changes) (23:36)

AUREUS Miscellaneous Reports (27:05)

AUREUS Payroll Reporting Using Web Tools - Payroll Summary (28:50)

Spotlight: COVID-19

Administering Retirement Benefits During the COVID-19 Pandemic (14:30)


Understanding Adjustments (8:01)

Contribution Adjustments and Clearing Accounts (16:26)

Statute of Limitations (5:45)


Tier 2 Public Safety & Firefighter Pick Ups 2020 (18:43)

Independent Contractors (10:44)

Back to School (17:45)

Classified School Employees (7:39)

Ineligible and Temporary Employees (10:41)

Compliance Audit Document Request (16:15)

How to be Compliance Audit Ready (30.55)

Exemptions and Participation Elections (11:50)

Leaves of Absence (6:39)

Military Leave (10:28)

Public Safety and Firefighters Retirement Systems (25:58)

Retirement Forfeiture for Felonies (5:02)

Public Employees Eligibility and Qualifying Benefits (8:52)

Firefighters & Public Safety Eligibility & Reporting (17:01)

Eligibility for Elected and Appointed Officials (7:19)

Terminations and Record Retention (6:45)

Visa and Exchange Employees (3:20)

Contribution Reporting

Cashouts vs. Discretionary Payments (14:40)

Reportable Compensation for Public Employees (11:49)

URS Contribution Rates (9:53)

Understanding Service Accrual (13:03)

Payroll Conversions (32:41)

Net Pension Liability

Earnings Assumption and Net Pension Liability (20:27)

Employers' Net Pension Liability (32:02)

GASB 68 (37:45)

Retirement and Post-Retirement

Phased Retirement (8:08)

Post Retired Employees (17:29)

Savings Plans

Savings Plans, Deferrals, and Payouts (24:14)

URS IRA Savings Plans (21:53)

Retirement Planning

Find the Retirement Planning Advisor assigned to you; call 1-800-753-7808.

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