URS Membership Council

As of March 2019

* Mr. Marty Peterson, Chairman

Represents Professional Firefighters of Utah


* Mr. Richard Petersen, Vice Chairman

Represents Utah Public Employees' Association


* Ms. Amy Ehresman

Represents Utah School Employees’ Association


* Mr. Stuart Bailey

 Represents Utah Education Association


* Ms. Brandy Grace

Represents Utah Association of Counties


Senior Trooper Arlow Hancock

Represents Utah Peace Officers' Association


Mr. Larry Evans

Represents Utah Public Employees’ Association


Ms. Debra McBride

Represents Utah Assn. of Retired Public Employees


Judge Kara Pettit

Represents Utah Judicial Council


Mr. Michael Harman

Represents Utah Education Association


Mr. Larry Millward

Represents Utah Retired School Employees’ Association


Mr. Brandon Baca

Represents Utah Education Association

* Executive Committee Member