Notice of Privacy Practices

Internet Privacy Notice

Utah Retirement Systems (URS) takes the safety of your information very seriously. Please take a moment to read this Privacy Notice.

URS had taken precautions to protect all personal information we request from you, via the Internet, using up-to-date electronic safeguards (e.g., Strong Encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology) and procedural safeguards (e.g., PIN assignment and log into your personal accounts).

URS collection of personal information via the Internet:

URS collects information about you to:

  • Accurately identify you;
  • Give you the ability to access your URS accounts over the Internet;
  • Protect your records, accounts, and funds.

URS will only request the following information using encryption and SSL via the internet:

  • Social Security number and PIN;
  • Changes to your URS accounts.

URS may collect the following information without using encryption and/or SSL via the Internet:

  • Feedback form submission;
  • Anonymous IP (Internet Presence) address;
  • Website usage;
  • Internet Browser and Operations System Platform.

Feedback form submission

If you are submitting information using the feedback from (i.e., comments made through our websites), please be aware that the information you are submitting is not encrypted. Therefore, it my be in your best interest not to submit personal information (e.g., your Social Security number).


The URS websites use "cookies" (small text fields stored on your computer) to improve your experience with the URS websites. The information that these cookies may store includes entries in the retirement and 401(k)/457 calculators and session information. Due to the sensitive nature of storing personal information in cookies, URS will not store your personal information such as your Social Security number and PIN in cookies. Whenever possible, URS will use non-persistent cookies that are removed when you close your browser.