New Member Checklist

As a new Tier 2 member, you have one year from your URS enrollment date to choose either the Hybrid Option (pension) or the 401(k) Option. Here are some simple first steps to make your Tier 2 Choice.

1 Create a myURS Account

This is how you access and manage your URS benefits.

» Create your account here

» This video shows how to create an account

» This video shows how to add beneficiaries (a critical first step)

2 Learn About Your Tier 2 Choice


» Hybrid or 401(k)? A Quick Overview

» Hybrid or 401(k)? A Detailed Discussion: Tier 2 Public Employees | Tier 2 Public Safety and Firefighter


» Make Your Choice Brochure: Tier 2 Public Employees | Tier 2 Public Safety and Firefighter

» Comparing Tier 2 Plans


Join a live presentation and ask questions to get a deeper understanding of your two retirement choices.

» See webinar schedule

3 Learn About Savings Plans and Enroll

Save more of your own income and boost your retirement in any of our four URS Savings Plans (availablity may vary by employer).

» Be sure to take advantage of any matching contribution your employer offers.

» The Roth IRA is often a good option for employees early in their careers. Pay taxes now and get tax-free withdrawals in the future. 

» See this video for more details about URS Savings Plans and investments.

» Consider rolling over old retirement accounts to URS. Learn More

4 Schedule a One-on-One Consultation

Still have questions? Schedule a virtual or in-person Individual Retirement Planning Session.

» Learn more about Individual Retirement Planning sessions and how to register.

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