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Whatever your style of learning, URS is here to help you understand your Tier 2 retirement options.

As a new URS member, you have a choice between two retirement options:

  1. The Hybrid Option combines a pension and 401(k).
  2. The 401(k) Option gives you and employer contribition to a 401(k) savings plan.


» Make Your Choice provides a brief overview.
Tier 2 Public Employees
Tier 2 Public Safety & Firefighters

» Comparing Tier 2 Plans gives you a detailed comparison


» Hybrid or 401(k)? A Quick Overview

» Hybrid or 401(k) A Detailed Discussion


Tier 2 Choice webinars explain your options. Archived webinars are also available.

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We frequently visit employers across Utah for regional Tier 2 New Hire Presentations.

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A Retirement Planning Advisor will help you choose the right Tier 2 option for you. Schedule a free session at myURS.

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