Hybrid Option

The Hybrid Option refers to the Tier 2 Hybrid Retirement System

The Hybrid Option includes a pension, which provides monthly income for life once you quality. Depending on the pension contribution rate, you may get a possible employer 401(k) contribution or you may have to contribute out-of-pocket to fund your benefit.

This is a retirement option for the Tier 2 Public Employees Contributory Retirement System and the Tier 2 Public Safety and Firefighter Contributory Retirement System.

Learn the Basics of Your Benefit

This brochure gives a brief overview of the Hybrid Option

» Hybrid Option Basics: Public Employees

» Hybrid Option Basics: Public Safety and Firefighter

Detailed Information About Your Benefit

The Highlights brochure provides detailed terms and conditions about your benefit 

» Tier 2 Public Employees Highlights Brochure

» Tier 2 Public Safety and Firefighter Highlights Brochure

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