URS 457(b)

The URS 457(b) allows you to contribute pre-tax dollars that grow tax-deferred until they're withdrawn.

A 457 is much like a 401(k), but designed specifically for public employees. The major difference: Unlike the 401(k), there's no 10% early withdrawal penalty tax if you withdraw funds after you've terminated employment.

Three types of contributions are typical: 1) Your employer contributes; 2) Your employer matches your contributions; 3) You contribute.

You may also roll over funds from other 457(b) plans into your URS 457(b).

The advantage to you is that these contributions grow tax-deferred until they're withdrawn (typically in retirement). Deduction from your paycheck are taken before taxes (see specific details).

Most Utah employees, including those of the State of Utah, are eligible. Check with your employer log in to myURS.

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URS 457(b) General Summary