2021 Employer Event

Thanks for attending! Here's some additional information from the 2021 event.

URS Update

» Video of Dan Andersen Presentation

» Dan Andersen Slides 

» Video of Dee Larsen Presentation

» Dee Larsen Slides 

PEHP/Healthcare Update

» Video of Presentation

» Chet Loftis Slides 

Preparing to Retire

» Video of Presentation

» Mike Wilson Slides 

» Preparing to Retire Brochure (email publications@urs.org for printed copies)

» Learn more about savings plan auto enrollment (including sample disclosure form and sample policy)

» To get started setting up savings plan auto enrollment, ask your URS Retirement Planning Advisor or call 801-366-7470

An Innovative Solution

URS is changing the way we do business by developing an innovative record keeping system. Learn some of the ways AUREUS will make your life easier.

2022 Employer Event

See videos of our 2021 Employer Event.