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Are you ready for the lifestyle challenges retirement presents? See Retirement Lifestyle Tips

Retirement Benefit Estimate Calculator
Estimate your future retirement benefit today.

Service Purchase Estimate Calculator
Calculate the cost of purchasing service credit.

Tier 1 Retirement Guidebook

Tier 2 Retirement Guidebook

Learn the necessary steps when applying for retirement benefits.

Preparing to Retire

Guide for URS members who plan to retire soon. What you need to know about your pension, savings plans, healthcare, taxes, and more.

Steps to Retirement Checklist

A timeline and checklist of tasks to complete as you plan your retirement.

Tier 1 Partial Lump-Sum Option

At retirement you can choose to get a lump-sum payment (PLSO) equal to 12 months or 24 months of your lifetime monthly retirement benefit. 

Purchasing Future Service Credit

Find out how you (or jointly with your employer) can buy future service credit in order to retire sooner.

Purchasing Service Credit

You may be able to retire earlier or get more in retirement by buying other public service credit or reinstating eligible service.
What to Expect When Completing a Service Purchase

Post-Retirement Employment

If you’re considering returning to public employment after retirement, learn how it may impact your benefits.
Post-Retirement Reemployment Form

Social Security Basics Video

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