Tier 2 Hybrid Retirement System

The Tier 2 Hybrid Retirement System provides guaranteed fixed monthly income for life.

Your employer contributes a percentage of your salary to your pension. Any amount above the pension contribution rate goes to your 401(k).

The pension gives you a lifetime monthly payment determined by a benefit formula based on your salary and years of service. Pension and employer contributions to your 401(k) are vested after four years.

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Tier 2 Public Employees' Retirement System Highlights

Tier 2 Public Safety & Firefighter Retirement System Highlights

Tier 2 Basics

Tier 2 Public Employee Hybrid System

Tier 2 Public Employee Defined Contribution Plan

Tier 2 Public Safety & Firefighter Hybrid System

Tier 2 Public Safety & Firefighter Defined Contribution Plan

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