Annual Check-Up

Are you on the right path to achieving your retirement goals? Here are some things you should consider reviewing at least once a year.

Your Beneficiaries » Incorrect or outdated information could delay your wishes or prevent us from fulfilling them. This video shows you how to view and update beneficiaries at myURS.

Your Investment Allocations » Does your investment mix match your retirement timeframe and risk tolerance? Review the Investment Options and Savings Plan Overview and consider an Individual Retirement Planning Session.

Your Savings Plan Deferrals » Are you saving enough to meet your retirement goals. Consider saving a little more every year. This video shows you how to increase your contributions to URS Savings Plans at myURS.

Your Retirement Plan » Need some help with your retirement plan? Register for an Individual Retirement Planning Session. This video shows you how. If you’ve previously attended a session and your situation or circumstances have changed, your retirement plan may need adjustment. Consider a follow-up session.

Your Contact Information » Make sure all your contact information with URS is current. This video shows you how to see and change your contact information at myURS.