Rates of Return & Annual Fees

The URS rates of return are displayed after the Administrative and Investment Management fees have been deducted (i.e., returns are net of fees). **Each URS fund is followed by a corresponding index for comparative purposes only. Indexes are unmanaged, do not incur management fees, and cannot be invested directly. For additional information, click on the URS fund or index to view the fund fact sheet.

The Schwab PCRA brokerage option allows eligible members to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment alternatives.

Special Service Fees

URS charges fees for certain individual transactions. These fees are known as special service fees and are listed separately on your statement.

Loan set-up $60 per loan
Inactive small balance $15 per year/per account
Short-term trading 2% of the amount transferred

Investment Transfer/Trading Policy

You are allowed to submit one transfer request (whether electronically, by fax, mail, or hand delivered) for your vested core fund balances every seven (7) days. This applies separately to each plan in which you participate—the 401(k), 457, Roth IRA, and traditional IRA each constitutes a separate plan. In addition, if you transfer any or all of your current accounts between core investment options more often than once every 30 days, you will be charged a 2% fee on amounts transferred. Each transfer, after being processed, will start a new 30-day period. The fees generated by this policy are used to reduce the administrative expenses for all plan participants. Changes to the investment allocation of future deposits and future deferral amounts are allowed as often as daily.

Important Information

The investments described are not FDIC insured; not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by, any financial institution; and not guaranteed by the Utah Retirement Systems or any government agency.

The past performance of any of these funds does not guarantee future results.

URS employees are not registered securities advisors. Because you make the investment decisions about your vested account, the plan's sponsor, trustees, and others associated with the investments may be relieved of liability for investment performance.

Additionally, URS reserves the right to change investment managers or allocations as needed.

While fees and expenses are important factors in investing your retirement savings and can significantly reduce the growth of your investment funds, they are only one factor you should consider when making investment decisions. Other factors to consider are risk tolerance and the appropriateness of the investment to your goals.

Other Information

Additional information on Plans: 401(k) Plan, 457 Plan, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA.

* For additional information on benchmarks, fees, and investment details, click on the investment fund name for access to the fund fact sheet.