Fraud and Abuse - Returning to Work for the Same Agency Six Months AFTER Retirement

If an individual retires from one of the Utah Retirement Systems and returns to employment requiring 20 or more hours of work per week, or at least a half-time teaching contract, for the same agency six months after his or her retirement date, the retiree may keep his or her retirement allowance and salary, but the retiree doesn't accrue service credit.

If the retiree returns to regular full-time employment for the same agency, employer payments to the defined contribution plan are:

  • Required until July 1, 2010 (full contribution rate)
  • Optional after July 1, 2010 (capped at normal rate)

If the retiree returns to employment requiring fewer than 20 hours of work per week, or less than a half-time teaching contract, the retiree isn't subject to post-retired penalties, or required payments to a defined contribution plan, nor does the retiree accrue service credit.