Fraud and Abuse - Claiming disability but observed performing regular duties

According to Utah Code Ann 49-21-105, "The purpose of the Public Employees Long-Term Disability Program is to provide long-term disability benefits for eligible employees." Eligible or qualified employees include those individuals who are "completely unable, due to objective medical impairment, whether physical or mental, to engage in the eligible employee's regular occupation......or to engage in any gainful occupation which is reasonable, considering the eligible employee's education, training, and experience."

Is there someone you know or are aware of who is working while receiving disability benefits? Do you wish to file a complaint with Utah Retirement Systems / Public Employees Health Plan about an injured or disabled worker you think is taking advantage of the long-term disability system? We take action against fraud because it increases costs for everyone. Disability payments are reserved for those who qualify for, and possess, the necessary limitations. If you have witnessed any level of physical activity that does not correspond with the person's stated limitations you should report the situation to URS.