Comprehensive GASB 68 Implementation Meeting
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Our Finance team is providing one hour trainings on the required disclosures and journal entries for GASB 68. Please contact LuAnn Miskin at luann.miskin@urs.org to register for one of the follow sessions. We will prepare materials specifically for each registered organization.




Ephraim City Ephraim City Hall,
5 S Main St
Ephraim, UT 84627
August 24, 2015
10:00 a.m.
Utah Association of Counties 5397 S Vine St
Salt Lake City, UT
September 3, 2015
9:30 a.m.

If you have any questions or wish to schedule a one-on-one meeting, please contact Kim Kellersberger at 801-366-7457, kim.kellersberger@urs.org or Rob Dolphin at 801-366-7429, rob.dolphin@urs.org.

2015 Employer Event

Thank you to all employer partners who attended the event on March 17, 2015. Presenters' videos are below.

Dee Larsen » 2015 Legislative Update

Dave Hansen » Affordable Care Act Update

R. Chet Loftis » Making Healthcare Better

Mike Wilson » New Retirement Advisor Services

Warren Cormier & Tim Kohn » Behavioral Finance & Reaching Employees

Craige Stone » Savings Plan Update

Greg Hughes » Highlights of 2015 Legislative Session

Valerie Busico » Education Highlights & Process Improvements

Kim Kellersberger » GASB Update

New Tier 2 Publications
Employees new to URS as of July 1, 2011 must choose between the Tier 2 Hybrid Retirement System and Tier 2 Defined Contribution Plan. The publications below can help them choose. Printed copies are also available. E-mail publications@urs.org.

URS Employer Line:
801-366-7318 or 800-753-7318

Please contact your Web Administrator to find out your password. If you are the Web Administrator, please contact the Records Management Employer Line at 801-366-7318 or 800-753-7318.

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