Phased Retirement

Watch the recorded webinar on Phased Retirement below.

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Draft Phased Retirement Policy
Draft Phased Retirement Agreement
Phased Retirement Slides

Questions? Contact our Defined Benefit experts at 801-366-7770 or 800-695-4877.

Employee Management Center

We have made several helpful changes to the URS Employer Application. All of the functions and tabs related to PEHP enrollment and certification have been moved to the new PEHP Employer Portal. You will continue to enroll employees to the URS system by logging into the URS Employer Application and using our new online enrollment tool: Employee Management Center. This new tool makes it possible to enroll new employees to the URS system as well as to search, view, and update various types of information on existing employees. Furthermore, when a new employee is added, appropriate letters will be sent to both employer and employee. You will also be able to view the letters and documents associated with a particular employee as they become available. We hope that the Employee Management Center will prove to be a useful vehicle in your employee management process. For a more complete overview of all of the exciting features of the Employee Management Center, take a minute to watch this brief tutorial:

New Employer’s Guide to Utah Retirement Systems

We are excited to introduce the web edition of the Employer’s Guide to Utah Retirement Systems (Guide). The online Guide contains all of the great information previously offered in the print version of the Guide and will be kept current through quarterly updates. The web nature of the new Guide allows for easier navigation, searching, bookmarking, and more. We hope the new design will enhance your learning experience and that you will continue to use this tool to further your knowledge of Utah Retirement System’s policies and procedures.

You can find the online Guide inside the Publications tab in the Employers section of the URS’s website or by following this link: https://www.urs.org/EmployerGuide/.

Take a 9-minute tour of the new Guide:

Excel file available to upload directly into your payroll system

We no longer distribute paper copies of the Deferral Changes Report. This is the report we send out each week listing employees who have savings plan deferrals, loan installments, and contribution changes.

It’s vitally important that these changes get input into your payroll system accurately to ensure that your employees’ paychecks are correct. Because we no longer provide this report through the mail, we provide you with digital copies.

We send an email reminder each Monday letting you know when this digital report is available. To access the report, log into URS for Employers and click on Deferral Changes Report under the Reports menu on the left. Two files are available for each time frame. The first file is a PDF copy of the report that you previously received by mail. The second is an Excel file.

This Excel file allows you to upload changes directly into your payroll system. You may initially need to work with your IT department to implement these changes. We hope this report saves you time and money, and helps you avoid data entry problems.
Please contact your Employer Support Technician at 801-366-7318 or 800-753-7318 with any questions.

URS Employer Line:
801-366-7318 or 800-753-7318

Please contact your Web Administrator to find out your password. If you are the Web Administrator, please contact the Records Management Employer Line at 801-366-7318 or 800-753-7318.

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