URS Membership Council

* Mr. Michael McDonough Chairperson
Represents Utah Education Association
* Mr. Marty Peterson Vice-Chairperson
Represents Professional Firefighters of Utah
* Ms. Amy Ehresman
Represents Utah School Employees' Association
* Senior Trooper Arlow Hancock
Represents Utah Peace Officers’ Association
* Mr. Thomas Hardy
Represents Utah League of Cities & Towns
Mr. Fred Ash
Represents Utah Retired School Employees' Association
Honorable James Z. Davis
Represents Utah Judicial Council
Representative Brad Dee
Represents Utah Association of Counties
Mr. Vaun Christensen
Represents Utah Public Employees' Association
Ms. Debra McBride
Represents Utah Assn. of Retired Public Employees
Mr. Tom Nedreberg
Represents Utah Education Association
Mr. Anthony Romanello
Represents Utah Education Association
Mr. Richard Petersen
Represents Utah Public Employees’ Association
* Executive Committee Member

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