URS Administrative Staff

Profile Image Daniel D. Andersen Executive Director
Phone 801-366-7309
Fax 801-328-7343
Todd W. Rupp, CPA Deputy Executive Director
Phone 801-366-7364
Fax 801-328-7364
Jeff J. Allen Shared Services Director
Phone 801-366-7351
Fax 801-328-7351
Bruce Cundick, CFA, CPA Chief Investment Officer
Phone 801-366-7330
Fax 801-328-7330
Matthew K. Judd Director, Records Management
Phone 801-366-7386 or 800-688-8772
Fax 801-328-7386
Kim Kellersberger, CGFM Director, Finance
Phone 801-366-7457
Fax 801-328-7457
Dee Larsen General Counsel
Phone 801-366-3937
Fax 801-328-3937
Judy Lund Director, Retirement
Phone 801-366-7770 or 800-695-4877
Fax 801-328-7733
Kendall Rima Chief Information Officer
Phone 801-366-7766
Fax 801-245-7766
Joel Sheppard Director, Education and Marketing
Phone 801-366-3940
Fax 801-328-3940
Craige D. Stone Director, Defined Contribution Savings Plans
Phone 801-366-7412
Fax 801-328-7412
Steven M. West, CPA, CFE Director, Internal Audit
Phone 801-366-7356
Fax 801-328-7356

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